Team of crypto enthusiasts

with many years trading experience.

Our goal is to make the world of cryptocurrencies more accessible, understandable for beginners, transparent and safe.
We want every person who is interested in digital currencies and earning on them to be able to quickly figure it out and start their journey to professional trading.
Together we have developed an automated trading program suitable for both beginners and and for advanced users. All of them are guaranteed security and easy entry.

For organization

processes, we created our own UGM token. It fully complies with the principles of digital currencies: open and reliable, it is provided from several sources, and it can be converted into stablecoins.

Our platform is developing and following the set goal: to become the safest and most reliable community for passive income from trading and staking digital currencies.


Already now we are able to provide simple conditions, as well as the opportunity to earn income even without deep knowledge and long-term education.

To provide quality services and products, to ensure systematic growth, while maintaining the original principles — our key task.